Unique Guided Adventures In Mindfulness Through India. Transform The Way That You See The World And Yourself.

India. Travel. Adventure.

Calling You To A Place Like No Other.

Hello and welcome. My name is Kim and I am so glad that you made it here! I created India Travel Adventure with you in mind- the adventurous spirit who longs to experience India’s magical spell but who hasn’t quite figured out all the details to make it happen. I wanted to create an alternative to the typical India tours that you find out there- the ones where large groups of tourists travel through India looking at the sites through the glass of a tour bus. That is not us.

Perhaps in your everyday world you are alone in your desire to visit India- I understand because I certainly was. This is a journey to be shared with other people who are questing, just like you. A journey for the ages requires the support and camaraderie of those who have been called to travel here. This experience is to be celebrated with people who value the same things that you do while traveling.

India’s ability to force us to look at how we are responding to our external environment is why people tell you that this place is Incredible!

Come armed with an open mind and fueled with your wanderlust. My mission as your guide on this journey is to unite the people who have the heart of a traveler but do not want to go it alone. You would like to experience everything that India has to offer, but something has been holding you back. Let’s embark on this ultimate experience of self-discovery together. Prepare to learn about yourself in a way that will enlighten and in a land where indeed ‘Anything Is Possible’.

Are you ready for your India Travel Adventure?

Mystical. Magical. Endearing. Unshakable. Unfathomable. Undeniable. Uninhibited and Unforgettable. This is India.

Kim Is an awesome facilitator, leader and adventurous spirit. I would quest with her anytime! These trips are not your average India tours. 

Shannon B.

People Business Partner , Insights North America

Kim is an extraordinary and charismatic visionary, leader, and guide. I would be happy to recommend a trip with her and India Travel Adventure.

Daisy S.

Life Coach & Insight Meditation Teacher

Kim is the shepherd who tends to her flock. Calm and compassion.

Suzanne E.

Vipassana Meditator

Which DO You Want To Be? A Tourist Or A Traveler?

Tourists Go To 'See' Things. Travelers Go To Experience Them.
I am A Traveler. Let's Go

What Makes India Travel Adventure Unique?

Our adventures are one of a kind. Here is what makes them so great.


6 people maximum. Small group size contributes to the overall safety, wellbeing, and fun factor of the experience. Small group means that you have an opportunity to genuinely know the people you are traveling with- most likely folks that span the globe. In addition, a small group allows us to do things, stay places, and travel in ways that we would never be able to do otherwise. Small groups are better received by the locals- you will have more access to the unique flavor of where we go. Remember: big groups and tour buses do not allow for this depth and kind of experience.


We are a relationship driven company meaning that the local connections that we have built through the years form the foundation of our trips. Through India Travel Adventure you will soon discover an India that you can not experience through a more traditional style of tour. From the unique charm of our accommodation choice to the amazing array of culinary delights, you are soon to be delighted.


India has something for everyone. Here is a chance for you to embark on an incredible journey with like minded souls through India with support. Your guide is a thoughtful, engaging, and charismatic person who will not only provide you with a well structured, safe, and logistically sound excursion, but will also support you in your quest to understand a place flowing with culture, steeped in tremendous diversity and rich in history. Emphasis will be on finding and visiting non-touristed areas at each destination on the itinerary. This means that we walk a lot- but it is this ‘wandering about’ that allows us to find the gems that make this journey unique. We talk to locals and we find out information about the best places to eat, to sleep and to take photographs- its that simple.


The best way to see this vast and wondrous country is on foot or by train. There will be other ways in which we travel- local bus, auto-rickshaw and the occasional taxi, but exploration on foot is the preferred mode. That is why we aim to keep our gear light. A light pack provides optimal mobility and thus more options for transport. Plus, it is so nice not to be lugging around a heavy backpack or pulling a roller-bag- trust me! This approach alone will change the nature of your journey and how you experience your travels.


You will be journeying with a fellow traveller and a friend. The only distinction will be that the logistics are handled by me. You will never need to figure out where we will be staying or which train to take. I will plan, organize, strategize, negotiate, and teach you the art of the haggle. We will maneuver the country as a small, yet cohesive pod supporting one another through it all.


We get to know the culture through the locals and other backpackers who we meet along the way. The day is structured, yet flexible- no rigid itinerary allows us to explore what we happen upon in true backpacker fashion. We make many decisions as a group and have fun moving through the process.

Everyday We Do These Things:

Wake up meditate, stretch our bodies, get to know our group. That is what it is all about.


Mindfulness Travel is at the core of India Travel Adventure. The practice of cultivating space in order to appreciate what is happening ‘in the moment’ gives us a chance to appreciate life fully and to regain clarity where necessary. Our travel experience gives us the opportuity to embrace any challenge and remain open to whatever possibility arises to us for change in our lives.


Connection. We are more alike than we are different . Through your travel experience you will not only have an opportunity to know your travel mates and surrounding culture well, but you will have an opportunity to investigate your own inner workings at a deeper level.  Be ready to experience a country that will encourage you to experience life- and your true self- in a wholly different way.


We all know that exposure to new stimuli breeds creativity. Call on your muse and move closer to you what you have been searching for! Adventures with India Travel Adventure will provide you with an opportunity to delve into your creative projects while on the road. Follow your bliss.. why not? Come with a camera and your journal in hand; you will be inspired.


We are a group of like-minded travelers who are ‘questing’ together. Here is your call to adventure and a chance to experience something extraordinary. Here is your change to give back to a place that has already proven itself to us and the world. Crossing the threshold takes courage and confidence. India challenges all. Test yourself and bring home the rewards.


Traditional India Travel Tours Do Not Compare.